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Our coaching

Our primary goal is to guide you and provide you with the tools so that you can carry out a change in habits to improve your lifestyle.


To determine what actions are necessary to improve your lifestyle, we are guided by the results of your microbiome, the information collected in your initial habits questionnaire and in the nutritional coaching sessions. Based on this information we develop your personalized goal plan.


Here are the steps to follow

Para participar de las sesiones debes adquirir el Programa MicroXplora Wellness 


1. Habits questionnaire

The habits questionnaire allows us to know your lifestyle and nutritional habits, essential to personalize your goal plan

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2. coaching session

During the coaching session, the results of your microbiome will be discussed and the plan of healthy goals will be drawn up, taking into account the information from your habits questionnaire and the data collected during the session

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3. healthy habits plan

Your plan of healthy goals will serve as a guide so that you can carry out each of the changes in habits established during the coaching session

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4. final review of objectives

 Review during the second coaching session to establish a sustainable plan

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