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Live healthy with MicroXplora Wellness Edition

Microbiome and healthy habits professional coaching

Do you lead a balanced and healthy life? Insurance?

We advise you to make healthy and sustainable habit changes objectively measured in your intestinal microbiome. The gut microbiome is key to your health and your lifestyle may be affecting it and promoting chronic diseases. Find out how your microbiome is, change habits and see how they impact.


  • You will have online sessions by Zoom to put together your personal goals plan with our professional coach

  • 2 measurements of your gut microbiome: before and after making habit changes

  • Super simple without leaving your house, you receive the kit, you take the sample, we pick it up

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What is the gut microbiome?

It is a complex community of 38 trillion bacteria and microorganisms that inhabit the gut. So complex is its function that it has been described as one more virtual organ of the human body. It regulates the production of bioactive compounds, immunity, metabolic homeostasis, protects against pathogens and communicates bidirectionally with our brain.

Why does it affect our health?

Diet and lifestyle are the two factors that have the greatest impact on shaping our gut microbiome. A deviation from the natural symbiosis of the microbiome by one of these two altered factors can have important consequences for the body at the level of chronic diseases and mental health

How are we going to measure it?

Super simple. In a non-invasive way, at home and using a swab provided in the kit that we are going to send you, you are going to take a sample of stool, place it in a tube provided and we will pick it up.

Easier impossible!

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How is the proccess?

Super simple