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MicroXplora Wellness Edition

Professional coaching based on microbiome and healthy habits

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How does our program work?

We test your microbiome

We send the kit to your home so you can take the sample on your own. The sample is analyzed in with high quality international standards by our team of experts.

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Healthy habits and nutritional coaching sessions

Once the microbiome results are analyzed, our certified nutritionist and coach will have a session to meet you and outline the steps to follow to improve your lifestyle.

Personalized plan with nutritional recommendations

Follow the personalized plan of nutritional recommendations and lifestyle changes, and enjoy the benefits of a balanced life.

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Two online nutritional coaching sessions with our certified coach where your personalized goal plan is set and the progress of your goals is evaluated.

custom plan

Nutritional and habits recommendations, with foods appropriate to your lifestyle. Designed by our certified nutritionist and coach.

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Two measurements, before and after following the habit change plan, with information on the composition of your microbiome and how it relates to your health.


Access to our professional forum where experts in nutrition and microbiome can answer your questions. You will also find information and resources to achieve a change in habits.

What is the gut microbiome?


It is a complex community of 38 trillion bacteria and microorganisms that inhabit the gut. So complex is its function that it has been described as one more virtual organ of the human body. It regulates the production of bioactive compounds, immunity, metabolic homeostasis, protects against pathogens and communicates bidirectionally with our brain.


Why does it affect our health?


Diet and lifestyle are the two factors that have the greatest impact on shaping our gut microbiome. Deviations from the natural symbiosis of the microbiome by one of these two altered factors can have important consequences for the body in terms of chronic diseases and mental health  


How do we evaluate your gut microbiome?


Super easy. You take a stool sample in a non-invasive way, at home and using a swab provided in the kit that we send you, place it in the tube provided and we will pick it up. As easy as possible!

My Microbiome,
My Well-being

Everything you need to know about us and the program

Guadalupe Benavidez She has a degree in Nutrition, a certified health coach and an expert in corporate wellness. She will guide you in the process of achieving a healthier lifestyle.

Along with the initial habit assessment, gut microbiome results, and coaching sessions, we create a personalized goal plan and assess the progress.

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